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Why to want the bag outside IT service
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"Do you best, of the others let others do " , this is outside bag, also be the core concept of the bag outside IT service. To a lot of enterprises, IT technology is more and more thorough the core business that reachs an industry, the strategy that affects a business makes the progress with the enterprise. In the meantime, IT, communication and Internet technology change quickly, new product, new technology, new business pattern is ceaseless emerge in large numbers, the change of the mode of company business affairs that brings from this and complex with each passing day system, let enterprise not know what to do, the IT staff that also allows a company is kept constantly on the run. To medium and small businesses, force of most existence technology / reserve is weaker, dimensions slants small, resist the system is catastrophic / risk ability is weak wait for defect; Mix as a result of competitive environment at the same time cost pressure, the IT state of medium and small businesses is uneven also. Service of the bag outside choosing professional IT corporation to come will be inevitable henceforth trend, it is the necessary product that social division of labor is refined ceaselessly and IT technology develops.

One, the profit that the bag outside IT service brings a company

1, reduce IT cost: Agreement of the bag outside a research that association has is being wrapped to show outside recently makes enterprise or business save the cost of 9% , and ability and quality rose 15% .

2, optimize resource configuration: Be in no matter which industry, each enterprise can have blame core business, can pull resource and centre of gravity the strategic end that leaves company core, the bag outside IT service can exhibit a strong point, help client is built, safeguard, operation and administrative IT system, the enterprise the action with limited IT the most significant natural resources the development at company core business.
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