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The bag outside Shanxi IT includes a dominant position outside expert software
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The bag outside the expert is being wrapped to devote oneself to to provide the software of all sorts of high quality to the client with lowermost price outside Shanxi IT serves. If you need service of the bag outside software, might as well the bag outside choosing Shanxi IT serves, believe this will be your advisability to lift. Service of the bag outside comparing Shanxi IT with posture of industry of person of the same trade has following advantages:
1, mature development group
We have to develop experience in order to have big old objective, maturity develops a team steadily. We with technical direction it is to be divided into JAVA, the many mainstreams technology such as J2EE and.NET, LOTUS DOMINO. Still hold the work that does a few DBA concurrently additionally.
2, the service of high quality
The development mode of the software plant that we make, can carry on the project that comes from all trades and professions that saves inside and outside or software product. The advisory company that to the understanding with business layer we have major and in order to cooperate, side client straightens project demand, before development, division of our professional core systems analysis can make the overall design of high quality and overall plan for project demand, in development, we control every segment in development strictly, we can submit working report to the user every week, include the work that this week completes and the work that plan to finish next week among them, make sure whole development process is carried out smoothly according to booked plan. We serve in a word high gradely is the assurance that gains client favour.
3, advanced administrative pattern
Success of a project and failure, among them a the most crucial payoff is management into with be defeated, software project is more such
, CMM process turns management introduce, every develop the strict control of link, the final delivery that also assures a project naturally is successful.
4, a variety of languages communicate ability
We are perfectness and professional technical English. Our most employee English is very fluent, if be being communicated,go up if having any difficulty, we still have technical staff to provide a help. Going up to day project, we can send the project manager that can know Japanese.
5, outstanding effectiveness for a given period of time holds ability
Our rich project development experience, advanced development tool and crackajack professional engineer, the process that adding the day type style that we adopt is controlled, ensure our project group can be inside the shortest time the outstanding project that finish, satisfy the client's requirement better thereby.
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