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What is the bag outside software?
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The software project of the core of a few blame them passes the software company that the bag outside so-called software is a few developed countries outside the form of the bag gives the company development of the country with manpower resource relatively inferior cost, reduce software in order to achieve to develop the purpose of cost. Well-known, in the cost that software develops 70% it is manpower resource cost, so, reduce manpower resource cost to reduce the cost that software develops effectively.
The bag outside software has become the software company of the developed country to drop a kind of of cost important step. Current, the sale of global software is 6, 0 dollar, and the sale that includes outside software among them achieves 500 ~ namely 60 billion dollar. Anticipate to 2005 the sale of the bag outside software will be achieved 1, 0 dollar. Of the bag outside software grew the India with relatively inferior cost of humanness power natural resources and China to bring new development opportunity substantially.
China has had not little company to begin to intervene this one field is included outside software at present. Course of study makes a production contract outside software at present relatively industrial area has the Shanghai, Beijing, city such as Dalian and Shenzhen. It is with Beijing exemple, the item is included outside the software company of 40% is participated in, software industry the turnover of 70% comes from 60% ~ outside bag. Be in Shanghai and Beijing, the monthly pay that the engineer includes outside a software is achieved 7, 000 ~ 10, 000 yuan of RMBs, and the software engineer of same ability needs 3 ~ only in Wuhan 4000 yuan of RMBs. The feature of capital is to cost lower place flows, so, there has been company of many software of the eastpart part since close period of time preparation is migratory to mid area, at present the area of first selection basically is Wuhan and Xi'an.
What will the bag outside software bring for Chinese software industry? It is the scope that economy expands not just, still advanced software develops administrative technological process, and strict software quality hierarchy of control. Through course of study making a production contract outside development software, the software industry of our country will leave gradually to make the development period of lane type by hand, enter a project to change, the development field that dimensions changes.
To seize this one historic opportunity, our country government is building better investment climate to the company is included outside these software with all one's strength, the government has established a developing zone in many keys city, establish many brand-new software to develop garden area, offer quite favourable policy the condition to joining the software company of garden. But, only policy requirement and ambient conditions are insufficient, the biggest to software company influence is manpower resource cost, whether provide most amount much, cost is inferior engineer of the bag outside the software that satisfies need in quality respect is our country whether the fundamental condition that seizes opportunity of this one history.
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