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Expert business type is included outside Shanxi IT
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Below the purpose that serves a client, our professional development group can be you to measure a body to have something made to order inside the shortest time the solution with an one reasonable a complete set of, change the ultimate goal that your ideal is reality is us. If you are in those who seek high quality, low price outside the bag serves a provider, the bag outside Shanxi IT serves will be your advisability to lift. The bag outside serving to offer as follows for you at full speed serves:
1, outside bag project
The company has the development team of a mature high quality, old project develops experience, accumulated valuable project management experience and quality hierarchy of control, a variety of component such as our intermediate development platform and tool of development of forms for reporting statistics make we carry on the development cost of the project is reduced considerably. We hold the link quality such as project analysis, design, development and test strictly to close, offer successful item for the client.
2, outside bag development
If the client's requirement is very specific, the client is very familiar to business, have overall design and the capacity that the system designs, we people can carry on of the client all or the part develops the mission, adopt whole test system, offer the assurance on quality and time for the project.
3, outside the bag serves
To much small and medium sized business, be not IT enterprise especially, in informatization today, need news service again, for instance in-house network is mixed the maintenance of computer, the maintenance of the website, an information system of what, the IT engineer that needs major serves, if enrol personnel of a full-time technically, not was necessary again and salary also not bottom, the speed that we answer inside a hour and press price that marks fee, assure the service of the high quality that offers to you.
4, outside clique assistance
Development of certain to having software and IT serve the client of ability, in can undertake software project not completely when the task of all link, the client is OK and direct call personnel of appropriate research and development, project management or systems analysis personnel to undertake assorted from inside the development team of century China road, take the total production course of software project jointly.
5, different land development
Unit of our software Co-operative Alliance and our different ground the branch can carry on different ground develops the mission, this business can save your project cost greatly, because the project of different land development is very big,a cost is charge bussiness trip, include to differ travel expenses among them, different ground chummage, poor brigade allowance of the staff member, bigger is later period maintains cost. Choose this collaboration to will make your gain the biggest change.
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