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The bag outside IT serves an overview
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Your company has encountered following problems:
Without the IT personnel of full-time, encountering a problem is the car has a way surely to the front of hill: Or teachs oneself a grow into useful timber, or reachs the hand that recourse to the friend
Have IT but IT resource is nervous, main personnel throws the support of company core business, client of inadvertently attend to carries a problem, enterprise user complaints are heard everywhere

  • Have IT, but encounter have carry out special provisionality when IT project, have too many problems to deal with, tear open east the wall fills on the west wall, the result fares badly
  • The frequent flow of IT employee, the administrative cost cost of IT branch is high
  • IT employee gets tired of the IT technology that handles change with each passing day
  • Full day suffers embrace tiredly at the network, flush, hacker atttacks virus and cannot the core business of dedicated company
  • ...

    Service of the bag outside the IT that the service includes outside choosing Shanxi IT will be the strategy of a business that you avoid or solves these difficult problem.

    The bag outside IT is to show the enterprise is dedicated the core business at oneself, and its IT system all or the IT that major wraps outside the part serves a company. The IT that enterprise conformity uses exterior and best show specializations resource, achieve thereby reduce cost, raise efficiency, sufficient play the pattern of a kind of management of oneself core competition ability and the ability of meet an emergency of the environment outside enhancing an enterprise to be opposite.
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