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Expert of the bag outside Shanxi IT serves sort
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One, big user individuation serves
We can provide personalized service for you according to the special requirement of big user.
2, the hot line supports a service
After you bought the product that the expert includes outside Shanxi IT, we provide number of service hot line, let you enjoy paging of 7*24 hour hot line to support a service. If your product is in,urgent technology breakdown appears in use process, can pass paging hot line and our connection to support in order to seek a technology at any time. We have every user technical technical staff serves for you, they deserve to have small well-informed, can get in touch with you at any time.
3, software upgrades
Does the software that you buy need to upgrade? We can inform you of in time the newest version information of software, affirm whether you need software to upgrade service.
4, data rehabilitate serves
Restore range: As a result of what virus is destroyed or other and sealed reason causes hard disk cannot be visited or data cannot be read take. (blame physics damages) .
Service criterion: Check freely, undertake backing up ensuring can undertaking reductive. Keep secret for the user, ask by the user the ability after providing data collects fees.
Note: If your computer hard disk produced the situation with missing data, do not have any operations to this hard disk please, get in touch with ministry of technology of expert of the bag outside Shanxi IT immediately at the same time.
5, maintenance serves
1, breakdown is differentiated
When the product that buys when you malfunctions, we can offer breakdown to falsely charge not to serve. After the engineer judges breakdown type, decide to whether be maintained by you.
2, the spot maintains a service
If of the product guarantee the category is spot maintenance, criterion the maintenance of the product has the use spot in you. But if be certain and special breakdown, agree via you, we can bring back the product maintenance, it is your remand product after repair. The cost that produces here is assumed by us.
3, send long service
If of the product guarantee the category is to send long, criterion product need sends accredit to maintain a center to accept a service by you. After maintenance ends, the user is in charge of resumptive machine. If you hope we are offerred,take send a service, we send fare the extraction with proper collection. If you hope we send repaired product to offer the spot to maintain a service to executing, will we ask you are offerred proper mu does Mendelevium much delay deceive? / FONT>
4, spare parts changes
If guarantee period inside the spare parts attaint of the product, we can be in charge of changing, the old spare parts below changes in receiving redound upon freely to construct a service.
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