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IE browser is forced to join the settlement of some website method
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The first: Right key clicks IE browser, open attribute to check Internet option to install " homepage " whether be revised, if be to ask instead blank page, of clear empty IE temporarily folder.

The 2nd: Upgrade " lucky star kills poisonous software " to latest edition, check in killing memory, whether sick poison moves (check only kill memory can) .

The 3rd: In beginning bill of fare " move " in input Msconfig commands v " the system deploys utility program " , examination " start " (2000 systems can copy MSCONFIG.EXE to use from XP system, also can use tripartite software to examine, if Windows optimizes a Great Master) . Record every unidentified start file name and location method, cancel these to be started oneself.

The 4th: CTRL ALT DEL opens task government implement, examination " process " in whether have and start in homonymic the program is moving, the attempt ends this process! (attention, this name is probable as homonymic as certain system program, namely camouflage of baleful attack program moves into systematic process. Perhaps can two homonymic processes exist, this is probable it is the murderer that you should look for. )

Add: Foregone camouflage process

English file name Taskmgr.exe Chinese name " task management implement "

Phenomenon: Two homonymic processes move at the same time, cannot differentiate basically. But end right course to be able to shut task government implement, and end sham process to be able to solve problem of IE automatic join temporarily!

The 5th: According to starting li of file way that finds, search you just what what you end is OK the file of the process. Open my computer, ordinal in menu of window upper part open " tool -- folder option -- examine, dot choosing shows all files and folder " , cancel at the same time " conceal the operating system document that gets protection " before to ticking off, so that check all files completely. (attention, foregone and baleful program all is concealed for deepness, need to open below 98 systems show conceal file function, 2000, must cancel to conceal the function of operating system file that gets protection at the same time below XP system)

The 6th: After finding target document, ask right key this file examines attribute. Notice its are founded time and modification time, these two time meet most virus file to agree or differ lesser, this time is the time of the action in you. Still have, will examine a setting to whether be for detailed information examination below this folder please still have the file that founds with time, virus pretends the file of image sound or other form likely, be not puzzled by it should not click more run it. The place on the horse compresses them, instead is other name, such since can remove minatory, 2 will can prevent delete systematic file by accident. (if hint your this program is moving, safe mode is entered by F8 key continuously after you can have a machine again, compress next) of course, if you can affirm,be virus, had better delete ~ directly
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