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Win2000 system
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 Win2000 system cannot open the means of settlement of the webpage

One installs the computer of Win2000 operating system, breakdown expression:  of constant  of Zi of joint of bones of  of a few Wang steals shovel of end predestined relationship censure  arsine chaos suffers from the Wan that bet a surname to show Chen Wan of  of Huan of ancient name for a kind of scorpion of  of chaste tree of allow of ㄏ of my a kind of sedge ignoranting? of Jiao of Chao Huang of Zi of joint of bones of  of constant  branny sluggish at the same time,

Open home page, can login each are big what the website shows is newest news, affirming IE browser is not the home page that off line saves, showing a network is normal, network job is regular. Check network setting, dividing network ID is gray outside, the others is normal.

Suspicion became medium network virus, use latest edition kills poisonous software examination, did not find virus and trojan, also did not find baleful program. Exclude the virus effect to the system. Enter safe mode by F8, discover duplicate, stickup function is valid, safe mode is to did not add the clean system that dismisses any driver and applied process, the account that shows lose effectiveness of duplicate, stickup function is to add what cut driver into parts or bring about when applied process.

Breakdown limits narrowed, but the computer that starts normally adds the program that reduce too much, undertake very hard be discharginged one by one checking to the program.

Start the safe pattern that has leading a network afresh, after entering a desktop, discovery is duplicate and stickup disabled again, the network breakdown phenomenon when appearance of this mode similarly hereinafter appears to be started normally. Look the problem goes to go up in network function, the safe mode that leads a network is added only cut a net into parts to block driver, did the net block driver to give an issue? Does the net block driver to you still can affect duplicate, stickup function?

Enter equipment government implement, pitch on net blocked right key to uninstall a net to block driver. Start afresh enter an operating system normally, the system finds new hardware, block the network afresh driver installation is fine, network connection is normal, allocated IP address automatically by DHCP server, the computer on Ping local area network, normal join; Open IE browser, browse content of each big website webpage, normal; checks duplicate and stickup function, normal, breakdown is solved.


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