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Appeared suddenly
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Explorer.exe makes mistake a few kinds likelihood reason: $b}wb
One, software issue A
1. Systematic resource scarcity. If the machine configures low word,the proposal does not want open is too much at the same time applied process. Can increase fictitious memory appropriately additionally, often play large game especially. The machine upgrading below this kind of circumstance is the most essential settle way. O

2. Systematic file damages. Can run file of system of Sfc /scannow scanning (DOS commands) . If Explorer.exe program itself damages, can copy an Explorer.exe file to arrive from other machine this machine, call task management implement, receive Explorer.exe process, build the task to copy new document to arrive next system dish below WINNT(2000) or WINDOWS(XP) catalog. YB

3. Software conflict, for example input method, explorer.exe can appear to make mistake when 3 version have input method of Tsinghua violet light, cancel input method of Tsinghua violet light, with other input method the input can do not have a problem.
4. Virus. Occurrence Explorer.exe is wrong, serious turn child break down, return sometimes cannot " search " , " move " , cannot restart, close machine, CPU utilization rate often is in 100% wait for a phenomenon. Other virus or gules code 3 fall in love with you likely. Solve method ∶ to check kill virus and kill poisonous software newlier, the trojan tool such as star of use wood mark is checked kill a vaulting horse. 0
5. Other reason. The computer runs latency time of a certain program to grow too, read access to occupy for instance, especially CD or the data of outside equipment when, also can appear Explorer.exe makes mistake.

Explorer.exe of 6. old clew is wrong, an Ie signs up for a fault, uninstall 3721 try. If you are,do a server should not install it, otherwise the move such as the mistake that expect is less than you. The netizen thinks to feel 3721 clients carry software to had had the quality of partial virus.
7. I had appeared same question, open the question that occurrence place of OL of game all corners of the country raises, watch a specification carefully to discover Xp data is protected - DEP and client carry conflict, after I try to shut two CTF Loader and Com Surrogate, can enter, but still be clew mistake, I am then flat also give Windows Explorer closed, can go in eventually. _w=
Particular operation is as follows: The computer that orders me in right key - attribute - advanced - function - setting - data carries out protection - hook the 2nd " enable DEP for all programs except program of following make choice of and service " inside in front on 3 says hooks, OK.
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8. system kernel is wrong. Reinstall a system.
2, hardware issue
"Illegal operation " have very big concern with memory, so the quality of memory bar should label principal suspicion target. The commonnest in other hardware element is to exceed frequency, computer of station of Ceng Jian count reports in the system after exceeding frequency Explorer.exe is carried out ceaselessly " illegal operation " , and it is normal that after falling the frequency of CPU falling the frequency of CPU they restored again, exceed frequency of course not only taller to CPU requirement, other hardware (for instance: Show card, hard disk to wait) also need to have can exceed sexual ability to assure success exceeding frequency, once among them one is no good can cause failure exceeding frequency, the show that highlights quite among them is the system reports ceaselessly " operate illegally " . If CPU exceeds frequency,solve method ∶ , fall the frequency of CPU. Check memory bar, change insert groove or brush golden finger with rubber.
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