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The Linux that understands hard disk deep is divisional
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In the process that learns Linux, installing Linux is the first doorsill of each abecedarian. It is among this process, the biggest bemused nothing is more... than has partition to hard disk. Although, all sorts of Linux that publish edition had provided friendly figure now alternant interface, but a lot of people or feeling do not know how to start. This among them reason basically is the divisional regulation of not clear Linux, and the most effective divisional tool below it, the use method of Fdisk. Below from proceed with of this two respects, will explain this problem that puzzles everybody.
One, the divisional regulation of Linux
1.Equipment management
In Linux, each hardware equipment map arrives the file of a system, not exceptional also to the IDE such as hard disk, CD driver or SCSI equipment. The file that Linux distributed all sorts of IDE equipment to be comprised by Hd prefix; And to all sorts of SCSI equipment, allocated a file that comprises by Sd prefix. For example, equipment of the first IDE, linux is Hda with respect to the definition; Equipment of the 2nd IDE is Hdb with respect to the definition; Below with this analogize. And SCSI equipment should be Sda, Sdb, Sdc.
2.Divisional amount
Want to undertake partition must be aimed at each hardware equipment to undertake operating, this is an IDE likely hard disk or it is hard disk of a SCSI. To each hard disk (IDE or SCSI) equipment, linux allocated 1 to the serial number of 16, this represented the divisional number above this hard disk. For example, the first partition of hard disk of the first IDE, below Linux of map is Hda1, the 2nd partition calls is Hda2. To SCSI hard disk it is Sda1, Sdb1.
3.Each divisional action
In the regulation in Linux, equipment of each hard disk can have 4 at most advocate divisional (include patulous partition among them) form, any expands partition wants to take up advocate divisional number, it is namely in a hard disk, advocate partition and not better than of patulous and divisional altogether 4. To inchoate DOS and Windows (the version before Windows 2000) , the system admits only advocate divisional, can increase logic through be on patulous partition dish accord with (logistic partition) method, further ground refines partition.
Advocate divisional action is the computer uses those who undertake starting an operating system, because of these each operating system start, perhaps calling is bootstrap, should deposit in advocate on partition. This is advocate partition and the biggest distinction that expand partition reachs logistic partition. We are in when appointing the Bootloader of installation guiding Linux, should appoint in advocate on partition, namely best paradigmatic.
4.Linux set advocate divisional (patulous perhaps partition) take up 1 to before 4 number in 16 number. It is a specification with hard disk of the first IDE, advocate divisional (patulous perhaps partition) took up Hda1, Hda2, Hda3, Hda4, and logistic partition took up Hda5 arrives 12 number such as Hda16. Accordingly, each hard disk has 16 partition at most in all below Linux. Divisional to logic, linux stipulates they must be built go up in patulous partition (such regulation also is on DOS and Windows system) , is not advocate on partition. Accordingly, we can see patulous partition can offer more agile divisional mode, but cannot guide with what will serve as an operating system.
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