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The " of strategy of group of the Windows XP that defeat solution locks up dead
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 The " of strategy of group of the Windows XP that defeat solution locks up dead " difficult problem

To make sure Windows XP system is safe, a lot of friends set group strategy on communal computer " the Windows application program that runs a license only " , will be on guard with this the foreign order destruction to the system. And neglectful or to be on guard other alters group strategy, a few friends are flat even " Gpedit.msc " the file also eliminates to be in along with all the others allow to run a program besides, the result causes a system to be locked up dead, bring about cannot run all programs, but under be obliged reshipment system. Because have surely,have actually if really, still have a means of settlement to this problem.

1. plans job law

Open " Control Panel " → " the task plans " , the guide that start builds a task that the name is MMC to plan, executive order is " C:WIndowsSystem32mmc.exe " . After finishing, the window plans in the task right attack newly-built MMC to choose " move " , in the console program window that open, click menu column " file " → " open " , fixed position arrives " C:WIndowsSystem32gpedit.msc " program, open group strategy to edit the window, ordinal spread out " this locality computer is politic " → " the user is configured " → " administrative pattern plate " → " system " , those who doubleclick case of right side window " the Windows application program that runs a license only " , playing the window that give to be its setting " did not configure " . Click " affirmatory " exit and shut group strategy to edit the window, play when the system piece " whether will change save Gpedit.msc " when enquiring the window, click " be " save certainly, can solve a lock.

Law of 2. safe mode

Actually this limitation of group strategy is to pass to load to register those who express specific key value to come true, and do not meet below safe mode to load is restricted this. Restart F8 key is pressed after switching on the mobile phone, in the window of the multiple menu that start that open, choose " the safe mode that bears command clew symbol " . After entering a desktop, the order that starting is inputted below clew accord with " C:WIndowsSystem32mmc.exe " , the console that start, operate according to as above again can unfreeze, restart regular entry system can solve a lock finally. In addition, a lot of limitation of group strategy fall in safe mode cannot become effective, if come up against the limitation that cannot remove, might as well enter next searching to settle way.

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