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The society downloads the frequency video file in the webpage
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How to download the frequency video file in the webpage?
We are in the webpage that browse when, can encounter oneself favorite a few video normally or frequency, but if this webpage did not give out,download an address apparently, so, how should we download these files?
One, the webpage that browse when, can download webpage file to him computer normally temporarily in folder, the document that using these to had downloaded next builds hauling page to appear come out, the process that so the webpage opens actually namely him computer is in the process that downloads those files. If this frequency has been broadcasted,end, inside the computer that has maintained him presence very likely. At that time we can be entered temporarily folder goes searching, enter temporarily the method of folder:
1, open IE, click " tool " , choose " Internet option " ,
2, the option draw a frame round that shoots a next pictures, click " setting " ,
3, can come out a new setting draw a frame round, click " examine an object " ,
4, appear a new folder, may encounter a lot of file amid, should search directly at that time the meeting is more troublesome. But because frequency file will be bigger, so we can be used first " detailed data " range way, click size, at that time frequency video file can appear commonly. Duplicate the file that whether coming out to listen to look is need.
2, but the method above can get possibly occasionally a few limitation of this webpage, cannot download, can online listen, so, we can try the method below:
1, inside the webpage that broadcasts frequency, click right key, choice " examine source document " ,
2, the file meets the source appear with the means of documentation of a text, we are OK according to frequency video file suffixal name goes to constant some search link address. Of frequency suffixal it is Wma more, mp3, rm, mepg; Video file is suffixal it is Rmvb more, rm, avi, asf, can search of one by one. Following graphs found this address through searching Mp3.
3, duplicate this address, dispatch thunder, in the download software such as Flashget, Netransport, can download. The tool that next graphs choose is Flashget.
3, what occasionally the webpage can keep secret is very good, the address that finds with this method so also can not download certainly. Can use only at that time the last fight unexpected tricky move surely!
Use software of a few recording, what I choose below is " Mp3 Sound Recorder " , next graphs are after running this software, click the red group share of right, play a draw a frame round of control of a volume, the choice is the last " microphone " , move volume big.
After closing volume condition circle, click that icon that folder opens in software, play piece " Save As " casing, in red circle that column writes the file name that you should save artificially.
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