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Intel rolls out personalized server
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A few days ago, the channel that Intel market department and ministry of digital company facilities hold in Hangzhou grooms disclose on the activity, first grow to be become quickly only model what enterprise and compose of medium and small businesses build is general modular the system has been rolled out, this is can by the server of user DIY.

This is based on the server of Intel Multi-Flex technology, make a system compositive business can mix computation, network storage capacity is compositive in a system, hand-in-hand travel individuation is custom-built, grow quickly with be being satisfied adequately model enterprise and medium and small businesses are right the demand of simple and economic accounting, agile IT foundation framework.

"Can of Intel Multi-Flex technology weighs a revolutionary feat, it offerred rich compose to build module for systematic provider, let finally grow quickly model enterprise and user of medium and small businesses are benefited from which. " vice president of department of Intel sale market holds Steve Dallman of general manager of branch of global dealer channel concurrently to express.

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