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Baidu cuts instant communication market formally
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Baidu IM(instant communication) software " Hi " release formally on plenary session of Shanghai Baidu world. This product already ended invite a test, open formally to all users register, this means Baidu to intervene formally also the competition of instant communication market.

Formal edition " Baidu Hi " besides having the instant conversation, function that waits for mainstream IM software in group, the biggest characteristic depends on be the same as Baidu all sorts of search services and space, stick the conformity that waits for community product.

Yu Jun of Baidu product vice-president is right " daily of the first finance and economics " express, "The search is communicated " the direction that is prospective Internet development, also be the principle of research and development of Baidu IM product. Current, search engine has become a netizen to get the mainest way of information, and in this one process, around different topic or interest drop, also can collect those who differ to go out with precipitation " interest circle " , generate many communication demand. Community user is individual the communication demand between is more and more pressing.

And, be about to roll out business of C2C electron business affairs to Baidu, instant communication tool is to sell the home between necessary communication tool. Before this, the user amount when Baidu Hi is checking has exceeded 1 million. Additional, instant communication software still will conduce to Baidu extending business gregarious website domain, baidu interior personage discloses, baidu will draw lessons from the mode of American Facebook, the plan rolls out his gregarious platform in future.

Investigate statistical data to show according to Internet of 2007 year China, at present dimensions of market of Chinese instant communication already achieved 4.75 billion yuan of RMBs, predict 2009, dimensions of this one market will amount to 8.76 billion yuan.

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