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Global software because pilfer edition loss 48 billion dollar
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The newest report that publishs according to alliance of American business software shows, although the rate of software pilfer edition of a lot of countries glides stage by stage, but the loss that place of software of global pilfer edition brought 2007 still is as high as 48 billion dollar.

The report says, rate of edition of global software pilfer was 2007 38% , increased 3 percent. In 108 countries that investigate, the pilfer edition rate of 67 countries goes now to slip. Investigate discovery, in international rising market, scale of volume of new PC shipment was occupied 46% , but only 17% install new software.

President Haliman represents commercial software alliance: "This makes clear, be in annual the nation of a few rising markets with powerful growth of personal computer sale, the sale of lawful software grows speed to lag behind at the growth rate that computer sells far. " he returns complement to say, edition of pilfer of software of prospective whole world causes the situation that the loss increases to won't be changed.

The rate of edition of average software pilfer of Asia-Pacific area is 59% , brought pecuniary loss is 14 billion dollar. And the pilfer edition rate 2006 is 55% , amount of loss is 12 billion dollar.

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