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How to change the world
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Author of song of cereal of fortune magazine special report: How to change the world

Guide language: " fortune " magazine reporter installs Di Seweier (Andy Serwer) was in recently headquarters is opposite the Gu Ge that is located in California city Shan Jingcheng one of this company author Ravi Peiji. Admire surprises to innovate in interview, change, the problem that he worries about and why he is an optimist undertook elaborating.
At first, admire is strange incentive all the time people is brave in to take a risk, this makes the new application function such as Gmail and cereal song map is succeeded to admit. He begins to ponder over the domain beyond company business again later. Arrive from the sources of energy car, admire is strange the world that discovered one is full of good luck. Of course, he also discovered a timidder world at the same time, before the biggest challenge that he worries about to be faced with in current mankind, not enough much person is willing to pay huge cost to change all these.
Ask: How do you look to the closest circumstance?
Answer: If you ask what the factor that economist prompts economy to grow is, the answer should be the tremendous progress that the main field such as mechanization of farming and large-scale manufacturing industry obtains. However the problem is, our society is not around what wear these coming that organize, people also was not doing the business that can produce this kind of effect.
We had forgotten to need not rely on manpower to take water, this is really special and important, because walk,several miles find water and bringing back water is not an interesting thing. In fact the ability that we can produce clean drinking water is to be based on a few basic technologies: Do we have the sources of energy? Can we make a thing? My viewpoint is people often does not think by this kind of means.
Present circumstance is like is such, "We are the captive of this world only, if have what happening, let it happen. " however the fact is not such. Whether does people produce clean the sources of energy in effort, rise it is really special and carriage ability, important to improve network performance, because the small number of people can produce tremendous effect.
Ask: How does ability increase the number that does this kind of business?
Answer: Specific requirement goes doing this thing to be able to have a lot of obstacles. For example, was 2004 in letter of our the first author, we discussed to undertake new the problem such as the risk that round of innovation will face. We say at that time, inside very long henceforth period of time, the business that we do can be OK the possibility that wins get one's own back of 1 billion dollar has 10% only. We won't throw a lot of manpower in this respect, because this person of 90% is doing other business. Won't face huge risk so. If you want to know where our new distinguishing feature comes from, I tell you they originate the investment with those higher risks.
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