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Expert of the bag outside Shanxi IT serves an item
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Computer maintenance and safeguard, data rehabilitate and restore; The office equipment such as printer, copycat, electrograph (maintenance, lash-up and safeguard) daily; Construction of local area network and safeguard; Server installation and debug (IBM, HP, associate, tide) ; Mail server installation is debugged with safeguard (Exchange2000~2003) ; WEB server installation is debugged with safeguard (server of ASP ASP.NET PHP JSP) , FTP is debugged with safeguard, database installation and safeguard (SQLSERVER, Oracle, MySQL) ; Enterprise website construction and safeguard, network safety solution () of firewall of software ISA enterprise, hardware firewall; Service of the bag outside computer, domain name is registered, the service such as development of hire of enterprise mailbox, space and website construction, software.

The autograph serves a framework about:
One, establish systematic work record:
Inside 5 weekday that sign in the agreement, offer a detailed client system to check a report, framework of environment of the state of job of equipment detailed list that includes a system, work, network and distributing etc, be recorded in the job and the system is arranged to work in the maintenance later each data, in order to facilitate the science of the network manages.
2, defend a service regularly:
1. equipment maintains regularly safeguard:
Hardware cleanness and function detect, ensure hardware job is healthy;
Exterior storage equipment is read write detect;
Of space of hard disk storage optimize arrange;
Of network equipment detect;
Equipment uses safe, standardization to arrange.
Safeguard of 2. software regularly:
Systematic software: Systematic rubbish is arranged reach optimize, the installation of application software, setting;
Network software: The patch is reached newlier upgrade;
Driver: Of driver detect reach update;
The precaution of virus, check kill reach upgrade virus library;
The backup of the database and safeguard;
The backup of mail server and safeguard.
Safeguard of 3. network regularly:
Network system is debugged, the setting that the network transmits agreement of rate, network, attributive, countersign, backup to wait detects;
Network safety and firewall detect;
Information nods working status to detect.
3. Lash-up trouble removal serves:
Answer a service immediately, when the soft hardware breakdown that accepts an autograph to arrange client computer and network is declared, can pass through long-distance service in time or arrive at the spot to undertake eliminating effectively. Contract provision comes time is inside standard service division (Taiyuan urban district) reach target ground 2 hours, begin to eliminate breakdown job.
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