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IT outsourcing companies need to do self-built team
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Although the evaluation of IT outsourcing there are different voices, but placed in front of the fact that many CIO: As the reality of conditions, companies can choose to outsource some or all IT functions. Outsourcing service provider for over-reliance is One of the important risk of IT outsourcing, outsourcing risk in the limited resources and the double attack, enterprises are facing a dilemma, when the IT outsourcing, companies need to build your own team it? CIO experienced a large company such a hit: the lack of internal resources, he bought a company of consultancy services to help them manage a new system. View from the state of system operation, this project by The current work is very competent manager, this seems to be cost-effective outsourcing arrangement. But did not last long, after the consultants proposed to deploy the consultants sent out to a more important (and perhaps higher contract amount) to the project, CIO Try to discuss with the consultant, but the negotiations did not succeed, and ultimately the CIO no other way, and only stole the name from the consultant project manager to solve the problem. This case gives us two inspirations: First, the success of an outsourcing project requires a number of key employees, including those who understand the business and systems, with customers and suppliers to establish a good relationship, and trained people who can see the situation clearly; Second, despite the outsourcing service providers to offer business or lack the capacity or resources, but if too much reliance on outsourcing service providers, enterprises will face the risk can not be controlled, so the internal IT team to build a business is very Important. Best not to outsource the business Before outsourcing, CIO know what is best never give up, and businesses to obtain the following services through outsourcing or roles need careful consideration: • Strategic planning applications and technologies • point of investment, project and supplier management • in-depth information on existing services, applications, technology infrastructure, knowledge of people Senior Account Manager Outsourcing in an appropriate case, we often see these images: most of the internal staff is performing technical maintenance work; strategy, risk, and large-scale projects led by the consultant; internal staff led by consultants; Gu The key question is driving more official process: such as strategy, planning and investment; contact with customers and consultants and internal staff time for more contact time. Clearly, these enterprises will gradually increase the performance of the dependence of foreign contractors Resistance, increase business development is limited by the risk of outsourcing business, which is definitely not the original intention of enterprises to adopt outsourcing. Therefore, enterprises need to combine CIO identify the key strategic objectives of the work to define an "in-sourcing" program. To outsourcing as the best training grounds There is no doubt that we need some make outsourcing more secure way to establish or ready to build internal capacity is essential to one of the solutions. Enterprises can outsource the process, learn from the outsourcer Office Knowledge and nutrients to develop their own internal team. Note that, enterprises must be clearly defined and outsourcing providers to deliver key objectives as the knowledge and skills, this is one of the core values of outsourcing. • How to develop the IT outsourcing business process within the team? Here are some specific measures: • If the business lacks important technical experts, then the parties to internal staff and consultants to work with technical experts; • If companies lack management expert, so let the future be responsible for this function for internal staff and project managers (if the project manager from the outsourcer) to work together; • Do not labor the sake of expediency, as the dispatch, which is liberated in order to develop internal staff to use outsourcing; • If the business need to quickly run a major project, the appropriate internal staff from a low tone over the leadership of the importance of this project, the importance of this work to consultants low, so he hoped that with the CIO culture Rising star; • Design a time, so that the consultants leave or guiding the transition to a pure role; • If you are outsourcing support work (such as system maintenance) to ensure that outsourcing service providers to promptly report related to the business analyst; for a project management role you want to enter the analysis, management support Support staff is a very good development opportunities. These measures are intended to improve internal staff work in the critical ability to more actively control the direction of IT operations. Focus on your core staff Decision to outsource the work contents, CIO need to think carefully about how to retain or attract the best talent. British scholar Charles? Handy (1990) proposed a very famous "Shamrock Organization" theory, namely, "the basic core of managers and employees to the external contract workers and part-time workers to supplement an organization . "These three very different groups of people of the organization, these three groups of different companies with different expectations of people to accept three different management, different collar wages, and are organized in different ways. Although these three groups are on the development of enterprises have a negligible effect, but companies need to pay more attention to the first class of people - that is, from senior experts, technicians and management personnel of the professional core staff, they With the core business knowledge and build the core competitiveness of enterprise backbone. With Handy's words, "These people are necessary for the organization, they have different from his counterparts in the knowledge organization of enterprises . You will lose losing their organizations. " These three groups have different expectations, different management needs. Professional core staff is the driving force of the work platform, is obtained after completion of the work of a certain professional commitment. This group is the enterprise wants to Retention and should be invested in local leadership. CIO should know more about the objectives and interests of key employees, spend time and effort to communicate one on one to find that they work on their own preferences and dislikes , And consider how the interests of employee benefits combined with the company, so that the core staff to better serve enterprises. Charles • Handi Ti out, managers can spend the other two people in less time, because the work of two other people drive compare imaging. Elastic driving force of human work is a fair remuneration, And balanced work and other interests of flexibility. If they have their priorities change, job change in driving force, then the core members and the flexibility to transform human groups may be, such as flexible labor Could be transformed into a core member, CIO can use this technique to accelerate establishment of IT team. Outsourcing units were hired to target. The team paid for the equitable remuneration for the relationship between setting appropriate expectations are very important. Do not try to make them more strongly attached to your group Organizations, because they are after all the work for others. Therefore, enterprises should focus on the critical work of core staff within the organization and try to understand how deeply the relationship between business and key employees - to understand their inner needs in order to better utilize their Skills. Better integrate the two teams CIO or CEO who need to seriously consider the question of how to coordinate the two teams in the IT outsourcing in the protection of the normal operation of the project, based on the sustainable development of access to relevant functions of the force, to safeguard the implementation of corporate strategy And landing. Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Information Systems Research Center (CenterforInformationSystemsResearch, CISR), a survey shows that the success of outsourcing depends on the client and outsourcing service providers among Relationship. Good outsourcing relationship can promote the smooth progress of outsourcing, allowing companies and outsourcing service providers to obtain the expected benefits. Imagine, however, two representatives of different interests, have different cultures and even business Languages are not the same team, how can live in harmony in the outsourcing project, fought shoulder to shoulder it? First, companies should define their role in outsourcing - the role of business is management, management, outsourcing services, management of related internal staff, the high quality of the implementation of this management function is a successful outsourcing relationship Start; Second, to establish a good communication, so that both sides constantly adjust the target line, and work to understand each other. IT outsourcing projects, you can use the following communication to build mutual trust and respect: • establishment of a separate channel of communication: between the two project managers, as information providers to create a "one to one" communication channel to carry information; • listen to the recommendations of outsourcing service providers: If the business because of the lack of technical or professional ability of the use of outsourcing, do not pretend that the business side is Jack of all trades at the best time to hear how a professional outsourcing service providers Mody said. • Share knowledge of both sides: one to two employees within the enterprise to their team, this will help everyone better understand each other's operating methods and standards. IT outsourcing companies chose, simply because they can not do, or let others make a more cost-effective, but needs to be noted is that the outsourcing of business conduct should be consistent with corporate strategy, and within a period Development goals, when the internal environment and external environment changes the market, IT services is likely to be more suitable for the recovery, by the house to achieve - the case of IT outsourcing can be easily recovered in the domestic foreign Industry to find. The company's core staff in the IT outsourcing process can not only represent the interests of business to manage or support projects, to learn from the outsourcing business at the professional knowledge and skills, and can be recovered in the enterprise to make outsourcing decisions After the rapid growth strategy, the internal implementation of an enterprise IT force. Therefore, the CIO or CEO, whether it is IT outsourcing, should be established or the gradual establishment of a crack, it will be more conducive to better IT Services to enterprises.
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