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The importance that computer cleanness serves
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We often hear the hacker inbreaks, or " of " love bug (LOVE   BUG) destroy computer system, your many enterprise incur losses, but the bacterium that says here, it is true bacterium, optical network of the clavier that places existence computer, fluorescent screen, filter or printer. Our life is being changed in quickness electron, each office, factory, even the school, purchase computer equipment and software ceaselessly, investment is real many. Nevertheless, to buying establishment of science and technology newly maintain the health that reachs employee, safe relation, do not understand more. According to the research of university of MONTFORT of the closest DE and TAQUEST, what the dust on the clavier that discovers computer, fluorescent screen, printer, bacterium and the phone coexistence around are in 240 kinds to differ is microbial, include to have streptococcic, enough affects human respiratory system. Another data comes from British SAPONA, prove to a variety of 2000 bacteria exist in phone, can cause disease of catch a cold, intestines and stomach, ear path agnail is pneumonic even wait for a disease, the bacterium has diphtheria DIPTHERIA) reach bleb (HERPES) etc. As to computer screen, have dirt mostly, and between the aperture among clavier, the dust that sees except naked eye, scalp, food drossy, cigarette ash, those who cannot see is more horrible! A gas pipeline that cockroach sends possibly also is medium. Because a computer of 5 years old of children is held,causing this research is accuse lever to go up with a kind but the breathing bacterium MRSA with deadly enough. Believe very rare parents can tell children plays computer want to wash his hands to just have a meal; As to the office of medium and small businesses, bright also have an attention this item. Above all, talk about the necessity that computer hardware cleans. The computer is the product of a kind of high-tech, its are very tall to the requirement of external environment, for example: Temperature wants to be in: 0- - between 40 ℃ , humidity is in: 10%- - 90% do not written guarantee dew, should prevent electrostatic, prevent sun point-blank, waterproof... calculate an environment to accord with a condition, dust problem is apparent still. For example: A computer, using left and right sides of half an year, there can be a dirt on monitor. Open lead plane box, box interior also can have a lot of dirt. Power source fan, the dirt of the place such as CPU fan is particularly much. Right now, if be cleaned carelessly, can cause dirt block fan to bring about fan to stop turn. Light cause the computer to often die when moving program machine is new perhaps start, cause the loss of data data. Bring about hardware of burn down machine again, cause economically needless loss. Such computer hardware trouble that causes as a result of dirt is being maintained actually still is very much in case. So, if become the cleans the job word of hardware of good computer interior carelessly, cause needless data and pecuniary loss very easily.
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