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What IT function suits outside bag
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Theoretic tell, the bag outside IT (Outsourcing) the meaning is to point to an enterprise or governmental orgnaization is passed serve a supplier with application (ASP) the pattern of a kind of construction that collaboration realizes in-house professional work or public service electron changes. Specific and character is recruited namely external IT is professional service supplier, benefit

With its professional technology is mixed service resource, the development that provides IT system, safeguard and support a service. The bag outside IT contains the following content: Informatization plans (seek advice) , safeguard of network of system of equipment and software type selecting, network and construction of application software system, whole system daily manage and upgrade etc. From use means for, can be partial business outside bag, also can be the bag outside whole. From outside bag content classification, can divide according to CSC criterion for IS (information system) outside bag, the bag outside the bag outside application and service of IT hardware system is waited a moment.

Domain of IT of duty Wu industry is at present common outside bag service range is wider, have a system roughly compositive with carry dimension, network the design is developed and design of system of carry dimension, application is developed and safeguard, safe service, IT grooms, management of course of user support service, business. The bag outside basically can distributing the system that it is IT serves (IT System Outsourcing, ISO) serve with the bag outside business flow (Business Process Outsourcing, BPO) two sort. Show level outside the main body train of thought that includes mechanism construction is: In " devoted " (cost) , " real time sex " (answer ability quickly) , " along with need meet an emergency " 3 respects have a balance, reasonable use duty Wu to organize all sorts of IT besides to specialization resource partakes the part of informatization works, assist construction of duty Wu informatization, the service level that raises duty Wu informatization and service ability.

The complexity according to content and accessible efficiency, bag service can divide outside for 4 sort model: The first kind attributes cost consideration, the job with low complexity looks for a person to do sth for sb, efficiency will be taller. The 2nd kind attributes beneficial result consideration, working complexity is general, but manufacturer of the bag outside believing has cleverer, more professional method to do these works. The 3rd kind is IT working complexity is taller, oneself are done invest not only big, and should spend ability of a lot of mental efforts to finish. The 4th kind is not only complexity is tall, the other side can be counted after be being wrapped outside reforming of flow of a complete set of and for you battalion carry. But, because a lot of data of taxation attribute confidential information, because of before this 3 kinds of types outside the bag may abound in, and of the 4th kind of type outside the chance that includes existence is dinky.
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