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Why does the enterprise have nothing to do successfully with IT?
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Present CIO pressure is very great, its pressure comes from working itself not only, still come from baffle to occupational at them, and the bewilderment that to CIO this position locates between the enterprise. And a lot of CEO also have such understanding to IT: IT no use, the success of the enterprise seems to do not have necessary connection with IT, IT does not have the action of what materiality to the enterprise.

Do company success and IT have why to concern?

But, what do the success of the enterprise and IT success have to contact after all? A few what kind of consequence can this kind of understanding produce? In reality, we can see, IT has the effect of form a complete set between the enterprise, such IT are cost center forever, below the consciousness of center of this kind of cost, can appear such circumstance: IT investment will be a bit larger when the business is good, and the enterprise once business is atrophic, IT is met atrophic, the first should be chopped is IT branch, the budget also is to cut IT budget first.

Come two years recently negotiable securities industry very fire, the CIO of a stockjobber says with me, half an year of their branch or does not see CEO two years ago, once the boss goes to his office to come,not be what favour certainly, not be to make him little spend bit of money to let him throw bit of person namely. But the situation is different now, trade everyday the amount is so large, IT branch became profitable branch, so CEO comes actively to IT branch, allocate funds actively, ask to assure safe operation of the system only.

Still one is plant is additionally one kind of extreme -- IT is consummate. A few have the CEO of IT consciousness to think the development of the enterprise must want to use advanced IT technology, if used newest IT technology, gain the success of information system very easily, if information system is not successful, it is to did not use very good technology certainly.

Xiamen is in charge of the director of informatization to had talked about the problem of respect of an electron government affairs with me, he says government affairs of our country electron is immersed in a such predicament now -- when a lot of local government do informatization uniform use newest IT, even if failed to also never mind, they regard this as a among informatization process necessary tuition. Not come singly but in pairs, tractor of a famous brand of Shanghai the CIO of the factory, also mention such thing -- going up information system type selecting when, their boss tells with him: Do not have a thing you are chosen, I know regular meeting fails, failed to be no problem, we absorb a lesson to come again, had met the 2nd times.
Why to say IT is management?

Why can you appear so such error? Does the problem go where?

Informatization drives industrialized strategy is accepted extensively by everybody, blend in the strategy of enterprise informatization overall development strategy, run the integrated competition ability of administrative levels and enterprise to promoting a business, it is all in all. But enterprise people what should consider more is, how is IT united in wedlock with business. And only union is no good, we must want the investment that look upon IT comes to on the level from business, undertake administer and administrative to IT.
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