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Major is offerred come computer cleans a service, computer protects clean
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Network of the packet outside Beijing IT is the company that major of Beijing head home provides computer to protect clean to serve, we use major of product of cleanness of recipe of pure plant of international new generation to provide the most excellent clean service for you, wholesale and retail computer is clean at the same time things. If your computer needs to undertake Bao Jie and disinfection, and you have this one job without time and energy, take a phone to contact us please, we with the most high grade, the quickest service redound you! The both hands that uses us creates beautiful and clean vacuum for you!  

Since my company holds water oneself, wait for each industry for telegraphic, electric power, bank early or late, building of each business affairs, hospital, Internet bar, individual, school enterprise or business the unit offerred specializationed computer Bao Jie to serve, get of the client reputably, established long-term cooperative relationship, and these also are the targets that we try hard.

Our cleaning a method is:

1, clean: Use physics to permeate decontamination, do not contain caustic chemical juice, make bilge automatic disintegrate.

2, eliminate bacterium: Contain BCP antiseptic gene, exterminate harmful to human body bacteria.

3, maintain: Contain maintain silicone oil, produce the effect of moist conserve to the surface.

Adopt above method, rapid purify because all sorts of reason conglutinate are mixed in these equipment interior integrated pollution of the surface (like portion of dirt, lampblack, wet steam, salt, accumulate electrostatic reach all sorts of electrified ion to wait) , because what integrated pollution causes,eliminate " soft breakdown " , raise the sex of moving on the safe side of computer, make they regain first-rate job position, prolong the service life of computer then.

Our target is: Offer top-ranking Bao Jie to serve to you.

Our tenet is: Client the first, service the first

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