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IT outsourcing companies from access to greater income in the eight kinds of met
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Although IT outsourcing has been the face of different active in the business, but few companies can really grasp how to proceed with the planning of IT outsourcing and implementation. In fact,

Many companies also continue to make some bad decisions, to the enterprise value of the damage caused unnecessary.

The study of these enterprises now that the smart! We have summarized the eight kinds of help from the IT outsourcing business to obtain greater income approach. They not only apply to IT outsourcing, but also to a broader area of business process outsourcing.

Method l: find value, follow the value of

Outsourcing can bring financial benefits, economic benefits, accounting earnings, performance upgrade to enhance the core competitiveness of enterprises, and many other potential advantages. However, outsourcing is not the default choice, nor is it the panacea panacea. Individual companies or even all of the IT outsourcing business, hoping to cut costs quickly; there are some enterprises in the absence of a strong commercial reasons, it decided to outsource certain operations. They do not know at the outset how much they can get the potential benefits, it is unwise.

To learn more about how companies can get much out of a reasonable income, you need according to economic conditions, potential suppliers of the economic conditions, business needs, an analysis of the situation. In particular, to the cost, especially those hidden costs to conduct a detailed analysis, such as the outsourcing transition, management and termination costs.

In fact, an awareness of the value of outsourcing deals and its a far cry from the true value may. If outsourcing can not be on the existing cost at least 30% of the cuts, then the outsourcing of the transaction may not be able to make up for revenue is the transition, management and the end of the costs and losses.

In addition you should also consider other outsourcing options. Particularly when the business is large enough, through the integration of enterprise data centers, and outsourcing can be similar to the economies of scale.

Finally, to recognize that not all are suitable for outsourcing of IT operations: Only the application of software development, support, management and infrastructure, are more suitable for outsourcing. However, IT strategy, governance and structure of all outsourcing should not be, even if only one part of the business of outsourcing, but also caution.

Method 2: as the life cycle of the outsourcing deal to manage rather than

Many companies and business consultants are more focused on a necessary condition for outsourcing of the transaction: the contract. However, the provisions of the law would hinder you too much emphasis on the importance of other factors, which hinder you from the outsourcing of business for more benefits.

In order to ensure the entire cycle of the successful management of outsourcing relationships, we suggest that first of all, a clear business strategy for IT procurement, especially you want to achieve the level of IT and IT and business coherence between the overall strategy. Outsourcing was once put on the agenda, it should be from the creation of a business unit, IT departments, human resources and sharing of services or the sharing process by senior managers an inter-departmental management team.

The outsourcing team is responsible for determining the value of businesses can and to ensure that these values can be realized in the outsourcing process; to determine the area of outsourcing, outsourcing the development to carry out the necessary internal reform process table.

The team is another important task to establish a relationship between the management of the outsourcing organization. The organization will cooperate with the outsourcing relationship's commitment to a number of tasks: the outsourcing of the service quality and the best industry standard for comparison; use of the flexibility of the contract to ensure that outsourcing can continue to create value for the enterprise can meet the requirements of the development of enterprises; retains the bargaining power of enterprises and reduce barriers to exit, so that enterprises in the future can be easily outsourced to a variety of program choices.

Only relations from a strategic outsourcing to renegotiate the contract to develop the entire cycle, they will conduct a comprehensive management, corporate interests can be expected.

Method 3: the creation of both competition and cooperation in the bidding process

The traditional view, a competitive bidding process outsourcing allows enterprises and operators in the course of negotiations to achieve the greatest benefits. However, we found that the bidding process of the cooperation is also essential. Enterprises should work closely with 11 bidders to help them to establish the cost of bottom-up model, the production of a letter of intent pricing.

Bidders for each of the use of professional skills for enterprise IT, human resources, pricing, financial engineering and other necessary design the best business solutions. Then, all of these programs take advantage of competitive bidding among those who were to improve the quality of a letter of intent to raise the overall level of competition.

However, you must not disclose the cost to the bidder, otherwise, outsourcing providers are bidding in order to be successful, will be conducted on the basis of the original cost of the reduction of a certain percentage, as the new cost-recovery level. However, you have to provide them with reservation business environment, infrastructure and outsourcing requirements of a variety of information to help bidders in their size, labor costs and a reasonable profit level model. This brings the value of outsourcing to increase profits and the transparency of bidding.

Method 4: To establish a partnership rather than the contractual relationship

Cooperation and opening up the bidding process and allows you to fully understand the different bids to the culture and values. This is important because you will be selected in the near future with the outsourcing of complex business issues in a series of close cooperation. Such as mergers and acquisitions may even like because of the accident on re-outsourcing agreement transactions. Therefore, you choose the outsourcer, and its cultural and personnel must be aligned to your business.

Method 5: the effect of economic pressure test

Outsourcing contracts are usually in the negotiations on the basis of static or simple linear growth forecasts based on, but will do so often fail. Business dynamics, business-to-demand IT resources, as well as the market value of these resources will be fluctuations over time. Therefore, the pricing of the contract must be taken into account the state of variables, to enhance cost efficiency.

In the negotiations before the favorable and unfavorable risk assessment of the risk is very important. You want to use scenario analysis methods, these risks will simulate what the impact of pricing --- careful to limit the maximum and minimum levels and to assess options, make sure you are not in the interests of outside contractors to make concessions, but their under exposure to price risk. If you intend to contract these details only after the consultations, they would find themselves few bargaining chips.

At the same time to ensure that your contract price reflects the technology will continue to decline in the general trend: hardware price, and in some cases, the price of the software will continue to decline over time, this must be reflected in your contract.

Method 6: Changes in Organization of Active Management

Many enterprises have not brought about by changes to the outsourcing of "soft side" of sufficient importance. Even with the most perfect of the outsourcing transaction, the results of the growth of IT is also blocked, the loss of core professional skills, business operations at risk.

Want the success of outsourcing, business departments and IT departments must meet and adapt to challenges. To ensure this, you must take the initiative to understand their expectations, emotions, thoughts, and communicate the impact and management. The key lies in the interests of early access to the main support. These are mainly people in general, including the rights and interests of senior IT staff and the core of IT staff, as well as from various business units, senior managers and headquarters.

In determining the scope of outsourcing at the same time, you should conduct a secret ballot and quick to understand these rights and interests of people how to prepare, whether they are willing and able to accept change and to implement change. Then, you can concentrate our efforts to persuade the doubters in support of an advocate. Organizational reform is a long and arduous, the process is full of mood swings, especially when the reforms related to people's work and the future.

Method 7: external contractors the authority and influence to control and balance

Some enterprises have begun to wisely IT strategy and architecture will be like part of the core IT outsourcing business. We would like to have a capacity to carry out their own IT gradual reform of financial services institutions to help with the outsourcing business signed an outsourcing agreement distinctive. Agreed to outsourcing in the next 3-5 years, using its own staff to take on the financial institutions most of the IT business. Outsourcing's goal is to achieve the professional skills to the financial services institution's permanent transfer to the enterprise IT to achieve the ultimate in independence and self-sufficiency.

However, the external contractor to carry out such a high level of authorization will be some potential problems, it is increasingly difficult to estimate the real added value brought about by outsourcing. Suppliers to assume more responsibilities, the status of the more difficult it is shaken, and even the earth will become more and more outsourcing affect your future decision-making, especially when the core competencies are not in your hands when. Therefore, the key is to ensure that you have a specific technology, and outsourcing the terms of the contract to protect the benefits for you outweigh the risks. For example, mentioned above, the financial services outsourcing on the relationship between the provisions of the end point, and the protection of business each year to achieve nearly 20% of the cost savings.

Method 8: to begin preparations for re-negotiation and renewal

To determine if outsourcing was not considered a good exit strategy, you will find that they have been locked in a --- This is not the end of the contract, but when the contract was signed begun.

To achieve the maximization of the value of IT outsourcing requires in-depth analysis and research. If you do not take into account the circumstances and the needs of a variety of standard templates to be applied at the same time the cost of the outsourcing business is estimated that roughly equal with the "cost basis" compared to determine the price level of the contract will result in the failure of outsourcing.

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