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Haidaduwen just teachs: What does Bill Gates bring to Hainan?
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Haidaduwen just teachs: What does Bill Gates bring to Hainan?

Origin: Nanhai net - Hainan daily

Bill Gates came! The giant of computer software industry with coming computer wonder, 20 the greatest this last year centuries, successive 13 degrees continue to hold a title of the whole world head rich, appear in forum of Asia of rich a huge legendary turtle eventually this year 2007 on annual meeting. His arrival, drew global look, and with Wei Liucheng of secretary of provincial Party committee, of governor Luo Baoming interview, also caused each square widespread attention. So, what does the arrival of this Bill Gates bring to Hainan after all? The assistant dean Du Wencai that the reporter interviewed institute of science and technology of Hainan university information to manage comprehensive job for this is taught (abbreviation of the following reporter " write down " , du Wencai abbreviation " prevent " ) .

Hainan is more well-advised than Er choice

Write down: According to concerning respect introduction, bill Gates was about to attend forum of Asia of rich a huge legendary turtle last year originally, but because reason fails,embark on a journey. And this he still insists to come, I think this is the glamour of forum itself not only, is Hainan also having to him another appeal?

Prevent: Forum of Asia of rich a huge legendary turtle is the fundamental situation of the development that discusses Asian region economy, politics and society and innovation problem, alive bound politics is producing distinct effect in conversational domain. Forum of Asia of rich a huge legendary turtle produces mainer and mainer effect to Asian business circles. In the eye that build Ci, circle of person arteries and veins makes poineering information, capital, experience increasingly " reservoir " . This second attend annual meeting of forum of Bo Ao Asia, he besides with Chinese government official, business circles and academia cacique around advance Microsoft to be in China outside cooperating to be communicated deep, more important is to drive, fulfil Hainan and Microsoft to was signed in Shanghai 2005 " collaboration forgives memorandum " . According to memorandum, both sides general is start with the strategic collaboration of center of Hainan Microsoft technology, wait for a variety of collaboration means through capital, technology, talent and education, urge Hainan informatization construction. Specific include: Education of talent of project of government affairs of Microsoft innovation center, electron, software grooms, software authorised edition is changed etc. And the bag outside the cooperative software institute that this Bill Gates mentions to province leader, software, make bilateral collaboration more incorporate.
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