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Innovation should pick the way of simple a bit
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Innovation should pick the way of simple a bit

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About the business that runs innovation, the most important thing that with management place of a company needs to do does not have different. Actually administrative innovation follows to manage a company successfully to had been not divided

Zhouwei of president of area of IBM big China offsprings

About the topic of innovation, people had talked many. It is actually a few years ago we already innovation this title was shared with everybody, the key of the problem is us how more specific ground, more dependable, do the business of innovation.

I am when the thing that talks about innovation with a lot of clients and my friend, the first my proposal is become innovation from an idea find a few cogent domains to do. I suggest to say you look normally the following these 6 domains, winkle needs to do most in your enterprise. You can make product innovation, also can make the innovation that serves a field, also can make the innovation of business flow, the innovation that also can make business pattern manages the innovation of culture respect, of course policy should leave a government to do with social innovation, our industry can rise to urge action to some kind.

Among them the mainest is, do not have an insatiable desire for much, best at the beginning first 9 domains come to make choice of do, and cannot all things are done.

The near future, IBM made the investigation of a concerned CEO, 700 many CEO are visited in the whole world, 46 CEO were visited in Chinese area, these are not the investigation of questionnaire, however the question that we refer sectional copartner to visit CEO place to ask personally. Here has 5 viewpoints to be able to be shared with everybody.

The first, the first selection that Chinese company thinks they are the most important at present or product follow the innovation of the service. The innovation that they think to follow a service through the product can raise course of study of the vendibility, state-owend enterprise in rising to supply the position in catenary in the whole world.

The 2nd, chinese entrepreneur sees the innovation that cannot stay in the product forever, begin to need to combine a fist however. The innovation that so they think what should do is business mode, efficient battalion carries, they think the innovation that these two things want to follow service, product is done together.

The 3rd, everybody knows, innovation this thing wants to do, want to be together the technology with business conformity at the same time, supplement each other, such ability gain a success.
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