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Bai Ning: The bag outside advancing governmental IT needs system innovation
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Bai Ning: The bag outside advancing governmental IT needs system innovation

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The bag regards a kind of modern trade as mode outside, in Euramerican trend has been made in waiting for a developed country. Among them, IT (IT) of business outside the bag is to get more the favour of foreign enterprise. Data makes clear, to the end of 2003, outside exceeding the Euramerican enterprise of 52% to choose, wrap, among them of enterprise IT business outside the bag occupies 24% above. In addition, dust a 1 investigation that comes to undertook in Feburary showed Sen Zhe advisory company 2004, have 60% accept the package outside visitting an enterprise to have IT department. The bag outside although also have such as,the contract is being wrapped to wait outside the IT of the 5 billion dollar of an amount even more that Magendatong removes to be signed with IBM ahead of schedule calls in (or say " go against outward bag " ) case, but overall and character, the bag outside IT business remains the mainstream option of numerous enterprise.

One, the awkwardness of the bag outside governmental IT

The bag outside IT also applies to a government likewise. For instance, the United States state government will wrap Yalisangna outside driver's license management information system IBM, the government does not throw a minute of money; IBM extracts 1 dollar from inside driving issue as before every to put, progressively disinvestment. Be in Hong Kong, 2003-2004 year rate of project of the bag outside governmental news service is 84% , pay rate is occupied 89% . Inside, beijing government criterion with " be in charge of making as a whole " means is handed in develop Inc. to build a capital by capital information communal platform network, operation of responsible network and development of system of a few application.

But on the whole, domestic government organization carries out the bag outside informatization service to still be in exploration; The information system of the government organization basically still with be being built oneself, give priority to from the canal. The author ever participated in the investigation of the bag outside serving about informatization to branches of tens of homemaking government office, look from findings, outside although have the government sector of close 1/3,was being carried out to business of its part IT, wrap, but look from the administrative levels of the bag outside its and limits, the majority returns the low administrative levels of the bag outside staying in the equipment such as PC to safeguard only, the bag outside the strategy that changes with the bag outside business application and even asset, personnel has bigger difference, and go up to still have a lot of obstacles and problem in plan of system mechanism, operation and system arrangement. If do not undertake the innovation on the system and reform, very difficult healthy development is included outside governmental IT.
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