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The bag outside software service whether make Chinese opportunity
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The bag outside software service whether make Chinese opportunity

Current, our country had maintained software of 6 base of industry of 11 countries software, countries to export base. MII was maintained jointly jointly with ministry of Department of Commerce, science and technology recently first 5 " city of base of the bag outside Chinese service " . China rises abruptly quickly what include a field outside global software service the wide attention that caused international society.
Since this year, the road appeared a group to have a large number of investment in our country, built center of software research and development respectively in Shanghai and Beijing. The road appeared IanMcAtamney of manager of project of department of business of group whole world to speak its Central Plains because: 2006, in business is included outside software service, china wants to be gotten quickly than Indian development much.
China is wrapped nearly two years outside global software service (the attention that rose abruptly quickly of BPO) domain to had caused international society, the competitive environment that Chinese software company faces in domain of the bag outside software service is very complex also. Held recently " congress of BPO of the 3rd China International " go up, area of China of company of high heart offer is in charge of Hong Gang to point out, what Chinese enterprise and even Chinese government institute face is not 9 enterprises, also not be a few countries, actual it is global competition, such as Vietnam such country also cannot small peep. Chinese enterprise should be taken abroad the order of the company, must master industry language, conform with international.
"The world is smooth "
Arrive relative to what predict at a few orgnaizations market dimensions was wrapped to will break through 1 trillion dollar outside global software service 2008, and the data that Hong Gang gives should be guarded more. He thinks, 2004 the gross of global BPO is 111.3 billion dollar, arrive to will reach 171.9 billion dollar 2009, wrap outside company service among them occupy 42% , the bag outside operation is occupied 23% , the bag outside demand management is occupied 21% , the bag outside supplying catenary government is occupied 14% . No matter the market is how old, business of the bag outside software service makes company of a lot of China and even local government saw a hope really.
Analysis of hill of introduced from the northern and western nationalities or from abroad elder brother says secretary-general of Chinese software guild, dimensions of market of the bag outside global software service is 7000 much dollars about now, but China holds the share of 5% only, after the market is being wrapped to be in 10 years outside domestic software service also open.
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