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HP won the European energy giants Total 1.4 billion IT outsourcing contract
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Beijing December 14, according to foreign media reports on Wednesday with the European energy giant Hewlett-Packard company E. ON announced the signing of a 5-year total of 1.4 billion U.S. dollars of infrastructure technology outsourcing services contract. Under the agreement, HP will provide data center operators E. ON and work in services. The agreement is expected to "strengthen the competitiveness of the company E. ON for its technology to create a more flexible environment." E. ON chief information officer Edgar Ash Bulei Na (Edgar Aschenbrenner), said: "HP has a large IT outsourcing experience and global presence. We have asked them to use their wealth of experience and innovation, and for our other key partners to provide business integration. " HP EMEA region senior vice president of enterprise business Jane Zadak (Jan Zadak) said: "HP's outsourcing services in the management of complex multi-vendor environment and management's experience will enable E. ON concentrated focus on delivering better results and promote growth. " Under the agreement, HP will directly manage the data center and the E. ON E. ON for the more than 80,000 employees work in services. HP will also serve as business integrators, E. ON close coordination with other major IT vendors. In addition, E. ON more than 1,100 employees in April 2011 will be transferred to HP. Currently, E. ON HP has provided technology and equipment, support services and print services.
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