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IT outsourcing as a "win-win" mode to avoid the "network turnover" trouble
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December 1 message, Gartner's data show that in recent years, the business enterprises for IT services will continue to increase funding, of which the IT outsourcing services and processing is the market's largest growth area is likely to account for 40% of expenditure on services above. The current operation and maintenance of enterprise IT model, there are three, namely, small companies or part-time commissioned officers, but no full-time recruitment team of network administrators looking for professional IT support and operation management outsourcing company, but because of small companies or part-time commissioned officers of the stability poor, there may be a sudden case of bankruptcy or go out of business, enterprise IT can not lead normal operation and maintenance; and recruitment network administrator may appear on the network administrator's departure led to the general manager down to the administrative, personnel and finance functions various types of unexpected effects occur. Therefore, more and more domestic enterprises, knowledge-based services has begun to transition to the search operation and maintenance of professional IT management outsourcing company model, some have adopted the mode of IT operation management outsourcing companies that, through the service outsourcing model, to avoid the net management turnover may lead to senior management and many other hassles. According to experts said, IT outsourcing services, short or full-time computer maintenance company in-house staff of inadequate or missing cases, all computers, networks and peripherals, IT maintenance work transferred to the company specializes in such work a full range of maintenance. In addition, the deep-level IT service outsourcing also includes high technology value-added applications and business process outsourcing services, and help companies get higher with a lower investment construction and application of information technology standards. Currently, IT outsourcing has become a "win-win" model: For the IT outsourcing business, the commission has professional qualifications and extensive experience of IT outsourcing services company to work not only improved the efficiency of the whole work, but also saves time for business and labor costs; for IT outsourcing service provider, how do the service, so refined, so thoroughly, it has become the key to survival and development. As a very sound both upstream and downstream industries, outsourcing will further the healthy development of IT has become the largest industry in both the chain sunrise industry growing, but also become a corporate IT operation and maintenance of the future development direction. IT outsourcing services market is expanding trend, making Shanghai the stronger IT outsourcing service provider in Shanghai Blue UNITA stand out. It is reported that the blue alliance is a focus on Chinese enterprise IT operation and maintenance, management, consulting services, is currently in the Yangtze River Delta Blue Union has nearly 500 customers to provide professional IT support, service management and consulting assessment, of which 70% foreign. According to the relevant person in charge of the Blue League, 2010, the company's business growth than the sum of growth in the first three years and successfully completed the Shanghai World Expo tour, the Shanghai World Expo Railway Museum, Riverside Museum of Chinese background technical architecture and operation and maintenance, etc. . In addition, the blue of the AU in strengthening the technical capacity and improve service while also strengthening the regulatory process and to the rapid development of services in the market, get more customers better and gradually build their own brand.
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