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50 days of Camelot China successfully listed a bright future for IT outsourcing
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NYSE relevant person in charge of China Representative Office 9 in Beijing to Xinhua News Agency reporters Du Jiacai and Fang Shi said: "IT service outsourcing industry is relatively high-end outsourcing industry in China has very broad prospects for development. India and Ireland, IT earlier than the development of service outsourcing experience of countries that developing countries including China, have a great opportunity in this area gave birth to a world-class companies. "

9, as the history of the Chinese IT services companies in the United States the largest IPO, fifty days in the successful listing of the occasion, a leading enterprise application services and IT service providers, the financial industry - Camelot (CIS, 17.99, -2.44 %) and the NYSE in Beijing jointly held a "celebration of Camelot Group's successful listing."

At the meeting, the official said, China has developed a lot of IT outsourcing services unique conditions: for example, the breadth and depth of the Chinese market, the Fortune 500 and other large multinational companies and the Chinese economy is very closely linked; also developed education in China system also continuously to provide high quality IT services, human resources outsourcing industry. Can be expected in the near future, China is very likely from a so-called "world factory" into a "world service outsourcing center." In particular, he pointed out that the course after 16 years of Camelot, step by step, to today's development of China's leading IT service outsourcing company. We believe that Camelot has the potential to further develop and grow and become world-class IT service outsourcing enterprises.

Camelot has announced results for the second quarter of 2010, which is listed on the NYSE after the surrender in the first "report card." Performance report, Camelot second quarter net operating income and net profit exceeded expectations, an increase of respectively 90% and 102.3%.

These ended June 30, 2010 reported a Camelot in the second quarter net operating income of $ 44,100,000, compared with $ 23,150,000 last year significantly increased by 90%. Among them, the main business, "Enterprise Application Services (EAS)" and "the financial industry IT Services (FIS)" revenue of $ 28,940,000 and $ 15,130,000, respectively, up 65.7% and 34.3%. To achieve net profit rose 102.3%, from $ 3,600,000 last year to $ 7,400,000.

The impressive "report card", so am very pleased Ma Yiming Camelot chief executive, said: "Analysis of the second quarter growth figures in the report, you can see all products the company is showing good momentum of comprehensive development, This not only shows that companies in these two areas of leadership and leadership, but also indicates that the market is the tremendous space for development. "

Since August the first trading day to close at $ 10.65, First Friday's closing price $ 15.99, the stock rose five into more than one month. Barclays and three other rating agencies continue to give its "superior performance" or "overweight" rating. The bodies of several other Chinese IT industry, the stock's rating is disputed.

Representative office in China the latest information from NYSE show: So far this year, seven Chinese companies have completed the IPO on the NYSE's listing. Are the Chinese hydropower (CHC, 7.20, +2.71%), 21 century real estate (CTC, 5.56, +0.72%), crystal families of solar energy, the new Bo Yun (BORN, 18.17, -2.05%), Camelot, Ambow Education ( AMBO, 11.50, -2.04%), and Comfort Medical (KH, 18.36, -5.51%). There are still three Chinese companies were just the SEC public documents submitted in preparation for the recent listing on the NYSE. Are SouFun (SFUN, 72.78, -3.39%), Ming Yang Wind Power (MY, 10.90, -2.24%), Chongqing, CSC (CCSC, 32.48, -0.82%). From the industry point of view, most belonging to the U.S. market has long been concentrated in several industries: technology, clean energy, education, health care, consumer. Prior to listing, these companies have venture capital funds or private equity funds. This shows that have venture capital and private equity funds to support the business, went to the NYSE is still the main force of Chinese companies listed.

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