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Those who let 98/me be installed in Dos is faster
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Those who want to let 98/me be installed in Dos is faster, be about to use parameter in that way! Setup /id /ih /ie /im /is /iv will install a system quickly.
Explain: Do not found in Ie installation start dish; (can be in later " Control Panel "- - " add delete " " start dish " in found)Im oversight is checked to groovy memory; (below the premise of the requirement that oneself memory accords with the lowest that installs 98/me system)Is does not check disk; (this can be added when making sure his disk is to do not have a mistake)Iv does not run announcement card content (it is those introductory characters)Space of Id oversight disk is checked (of course your disk space wants enough premise to fall)Ih has jumped to register watch examination


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