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Restore {XP remove theatrical makeup and costume 2000 (98) hind the multiple men
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As a result of XP be born make everybody is on him love machine much a choice, but some " the talk is friendly " glad that nature in XP of 98 remove theatrical makeup and costume; Solve Format C hard however: Courtyard? is in XP remove theatrical makeup and costume 98 hind the tired let sb have sth into the bargain that XP cannot start (, of course you also can reinstall XP system: ) but regarding as is a kind of disgrace simply so for a PC DIYER, without the spirit of a bit PC FANS. ) actually spoken parts in an opera, still be a multiple menu that start! Good, tell below tell in XP remove theatrical makeup and costume 98 hind, the double starting menu in 98 rehabilitate XP
Method actually a lot of, it is OK of course to use software of tripartite face, the famous System Commander 2000 that the BOOTMagic that if use POWER Quest firm,manufactures and V Communications; still have INC can come true easily. Believe the actual strength of MS please nevertheless, " [M$] " the household job that oneself can have provided it!
I think to return unapt fatigue System Commander 2000 for the WINDOWS of MS merely their big
The installation that I say to use WINDOWS series below dish will solve it!
Long compound law is as follows [oneself experiment personally] :
(, in XP remove theatrical makeup and costume 98 hind)
The installation order of WINXP is executed in Win98
(the CD of general XP can be opened oneself)
Choose " installation Microsoft Windows XP" ,
" of the choice in the installation type that appearing subsequently is brand-new install (advanced) "
The agreement is accepted later and input product close key,
Choose the main language that you should use and area " please in occurrence " , click " next,
Appear " document of program of a few installation has possibly after you buy Windows update " below choice " deny "
Jump over this one pace to continue to install Windows, installation program can duplicate instantly installation file; Duplicating after the computer is being started afresh after finishing, you can discover the double menu that start is as follows:
Microsoft Windows XP Professional installs a program
Microsoft Windows
Because want modification Boot.ini document, enter our lovely Win98 system again so, the position of Boot.ini file is C dish root catalog falls and be hidden, open C first so dish (install Win98 that dish of) , click on menu column " examine " , " folder option "----"Examine "-----"Show all files " , refresh, can appear Boot.ini file, remove first its " is read-only " attribute; Open Boot.ini again, can show:
[Boot Loader]Timeout=5
[Operating Systems]
C:$WIN_NT$ . ~BTBOOTSECT.DAT="Microsoft Windows XP Professional installs a program "
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