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Delete the method of Win386.swp file
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Excuse me Win386.swp is what file, why be deleted
Answer: It is file of 虛 擬 memory (exist in the department 統 of 9X and ME)
You are OK 來 設 decides its size!
Referenced: The number that the least value should be physical memory is added on 12 (of above of 256MB of the existence inside physics)
The proposal with fewer perhaps 128MB exists inside 1.75 times what the least value is physical memory
1.5 times is to the setting between 256Mb in 128MB
256Mb above is 2.5 times with respect to the setting
Proposal page file is put in the `` inside partition of a hard disk to affect rate dispersedly! !
OK also taboo! (Systematic acquiesce is him Windows manages! (Systematic acquiesce is him Windows manages!!
You can use Del command to delete below DOS. (After switching on the mobile phone nevertheless, it meets what generate automatically again)


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