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Break code of solution Win2000/XP administrator
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One, delete SAM file, code of name of cleared Administrator Zhang
There is a SAM file below the WinntSystem32Config catalog that Windows 2000 is in (namely file of database of Zhang name code) , it saved all user names in Windows 2000 and password. When you login, the user name that the system can key in you and password, add secret data mediumly to undertake corrector with SAM file, if both and complete accord with, can enter a system smoothly, will not login otherwise, accordingly we can use the method that deletes SAM file to restore administrator password.
After deleting SAM file, start afresh, right now date of administrator Administrator Zhang has done not have a password, at this moment you can log onto a system with Administrator account, need not input any passwords, the administrator account password that you install afresh again after entering a system can. 2, look for a password from inside SAM file
The tool that needs here is LC4, moving LC4, open and build a task, next ordinal click " IMPORT → Import From SAM File " , open the SAM document that already needed broken solution, right now LC4 can parse this document automatically, show the user name in the file; Click later " Session → Begin Audit " , can begin the password that defeat solution. If the password is not very complex word, the result can get inside very short time.
Nevertheless, if the password compares complex word, need time will be very long, at this moment we use the method below with respect to need.
3, set again with the password dish establish new code
Using " greeting screen " after Windows XP loginning below the circumstance of entry means, press " Ctrl Alt Del " assorted key, appear " Windows is safe " the window, in clicking option " change a code " pushbutton, appear change password window (graph 1) . In this window, the password backup of current user, click left next horn " backup " pushbutton, activation " forget password guide " , found a password to be set again according to clew dish.
If wrong password was inputted in the entry window of Windows XP, can play piece " entry failure " the window (graph 2) , what is if you are unable to call to mind really,oneself password when, can click " set again " pushbutton, the password that start sets guide again, set again through the code that a moment ago established dish, reset password, entry Windows XP.
4, use software amends a code
Windows Key 5.0 and Windows XP/2000/NT Key these two software can amend Administrator code automatically for 12345, restart login with this Zhang date after the system, be in next " Control Panel " in the user, password of again new modification manager can.
1.Software name: Windows Key 5.0
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