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Shallow the system that talks about personal computer is optimized and safeguard
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State above all, what introduce below is my individual experience, also can saying is individual be fond of, plus a few practices of the netizen, offer reference only. The place with wrong what returns hope point out mistakes so that they can be corrected.
Stick the friend that suits to plan reshipment system quite to read originally (ace is jumped over) , hope to be able to be helped a bit to you.
One, partition is optimized piece
1, my hard disk is40G, I divide it into C, D, E, F and G5 divisional, it is Fat32 format, windows XP Pro of a system, much not necessary.
2, C dish it is a system dish, 5GOr so. Too small? Not, continue to look downward.
3, D dish it is a data dish, 1GOr so. Use why on earth? I am to be used put important data and document (of text give priority to with the picture) , photo, important backup (if lexicon backup, QQ chats,record backup, favorite backs up, what oneself go up in the net is other register information to back up) etc. Can use NTFS form, because inside those who put is personal data more, especially the machine often has someone else to use and do not want to let a person see the thing inside, use NTFS format to be able to carry out a few safeguard, I specific was not told, you yourself can fumble look in light of the article that also can seek this respect.
4, E dish it is study dish, 7GSmaller perhaps. This dish action need not I said more.
5, F dish it is a tool dish. 10GOr so. The installation file of all software puts this completely dish in a folder in (call Tool_setup for instance) , in this folder also but reconstructive folder will install file fractionize again. Still need a folder that the name is Program Files next, why? Farewell head looks 2, understood, install all software in Program Files folder namely, with Program Files this folder software " install " unapt open F dish can have a lot of a lot of folder. Why must use this name, because installation software is general acquiescent method is C:PRogram FilesXXX, such, it is OK that you need to change C change C into F only, much save trouble. Advantage saves a system namely dish space, you used the reason to know.
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